About Mark Nelson

In helping run his family's furniture manufacturing business, Nelson grew up around artisans and entrepreneurs. He parlayed his experience into the carpet trade, expanding his design skills at a renowned firm. His talents were a perfect fit, and he fell in love with this inspiring aspect of home design. Nelson honed his techniques at three prestigious carpet companies over 15 years. In 2008 he fulfilled his dream of opening his own firm, and MND was born.


Seasoned designers know that the proper way to build a room is around carpet. Nelson works closely with the design professional to assess client needs and specifications. Is the carpet the focal point of the room, or the backdrop for an art collection or breathtaking view? Carpet sets the tone, so each aspect must be carefully discussed before selection. Consider the variables: texture versus smooth finish; color versus earth tones; silk elegance versus hemp casual. Nelson's energy, creativity and vision add to the overall carpet experience.


Like a couture dress, no two carpets or area rugs are ever the same. Hand-dyed colors, fibers and manufacturing specifications are always different, so each creation has its own signature. A simple change of loop direction separating field and border makes a visual difference to the untrained eye. Whether hand-tufted, top sheared or a cut pile construction juxtaposing rough with smooth detailing, MND carpets always showcase the unexpected.


From the runway to the hallway, carpet gets the couture treatment at MND. Emulating the creative process of fashion atelier, it all begins with a sketch and everything is made to order. Exquisite materials and unique combinations are selected to enhance one of a kind designs. Each carpet is fine-tuned with the dressmaker. Fringe, welting channel tufting and silk edging can become finishing touches. Impeccable construction provides a play on texture and adds character, making MND the ultimate floor fashion statement.


MND finds inspiration in faraway destinations, and often engages local artisans. The firm imports the finest textiles from Nepal, Thailand, Spain, Belgium, France, Colombia, and New Zealand. Testing and mixing exotic materials from all over the world give the MND trademark its cutting edge.


Admiring the beautiful beams, shadows and geometry of New York City architecture, Mark Nelson poses the question, "Why can't architecture be below us?" Incorporating architectural elements into unique shape and forms for his eponymous carpet line, Nelson had created an unforgettable trademark -MND.

Three Dimensionality

Mixing unexpected fibers, Nelson meticulously manipulates color, yarn and pile height to create a unique 3-D effect. He designs with a "push the envelope" approach, adjusting weave direction and denier of fibers to increase the sense of depth. Multiple samples are created to ensure a perfect product.


MND is committed to environmental responsibility. As a member of the U.S Green Building Council, creating an eco-friendly product and following fair labor practice is essential. MND carpets are crafted with natural materials whenever possible, and products without volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are available for clients with chemical sensitivities.


Every design is infused with natural elements. Nelson and his team of artist work with a variety of exciting materials: banana, jute, seagrass, bamboo, linen, agave and figure, along with metal, soy horse hair and alpaca. MND constantly searches for the most luxurious products found in nature.


Beautiful designs and unique textures are only a fraction of mark Nelson Designs. It's understood that a proper carpet must not only be stylish, but comfortable as well. And feeling the fibers beneath your bare feet is the only way to get the full MND experience that's crafted into every piece.


MND is the preeminent trade source for high-end carpet and rugs, servicing the most innovative interior designers and architects worldwide. The company offers unparalleled creativity and personal services to discerning clients. Nelson blends the art of finessing the product with an extensive knowledge of the manufacturing process. MND carpets are displayed in the residence of prominent clients, from musical artists and media moguls to athletes and socialites.